Month: December 2022

Top 10 Year-End Tax Tips (Ep. 5)

Top 10 Year-End Tax Tips (Ep. 5)

The end of the tax year is rapidly approaching, and we have 10 tips to help you minimize your taxes.

In this episode, Adam shares his Top 10 year-end tax tips as the end of 2022 nears. He talks about Roth conversions, why and when it’s a great strategy to reduce taxes, and how it works. Adding to Roth conversions, Adam shares a few stories about putting Roth conversions into practice and finishes with a speedy roundup of nine other great year-end tax strategies.

Adam discusses: 

  • What a Roth conversion is
  • Why a Roth conversion is a great tax-saving strategy and how it works
  • Using Roth conversions can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing, as described in a few examples
  • And more


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