Month: July 2023

Is Long Term Care Insurance Right For You? 10 Questions To Ask with Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs (Ep. 12)

Is Long Term Care Insurance Right For You? 10 Questions To Ask with Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs (Ep. 12)

Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care. If you thought it did or haven’t purchased long-term care insurance for any other reason, Adam has 10 things for you to think about before you make your final decision.

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP®, introduces a dear friend of his, Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs, Founder of Quantum Insurance Services and Women Of Wealth, to go over 10 things you should know about long-term care insurance. 

Adam introduces the list with a personal story about his family’s experiences with needing long-term care before diving into the ins and outs of long-term care, unravelling the crucial factors determining whether it’s right for you. From understanding the amount of coverage you need, to discovering who can benefit from long-term care insurance.

Adam and Jennifer discuss: 

  • Adam’s personal experience about his mother and mother-in-law, one who had long-term care insurance and one who didn’t
  • What long-term care insurance is and why you may or may not need it
  • The different kinds of long-term care solutions
  • Why long-term care insurance is pricey but worth the cost
  • What the best age is to get long-term care insurance
  • How much coverage you may need
  • Who long-term care insurance works best for
  • Why even the wealthy may need long-term care insurance
  • And more

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About our Guest: 

Within the business, entertainment and high-net-worth circles of Southern California, Jennifer

Burnham-Grubbs, Founder and CEO of Quantum Insurance Services and senior wealth advisor,

is renowned for her strategic insights into A-rated insurance products that build wealth, financial

freedom and security.

Rather than as just a bill to pay, Jennifer sees insurance as a gateway to wealth and well-being.

Her unique background, expertise, and perspective on insurance, tax and financial strategies

shift the approach to guiding businesses and individuals who want to protect themselves, their

families and employees while growing assets and savings. This approach has catapulted

Jennifer into the spotlight as a leading female in the insurance sector and positioned Quantum

Insurance Services as an award-winning, innovative, client-focused financial well-being

brokerage firm for health and wealth protection and growth.