Month: June 2023

How To Choose A Great CPA (Ep. 11)

How To Choose A Great CPA (Ep. 11)

Why did the CPA cross the road?

To get to the other side of the balance sheet.

In this episode, Adam sheds light on a crucial topic that concerns many individuals and businesses: how to find a GREAT CPA. Adam discusses the questions you should be asking and takes you through eight essential steps that will help you identify and select the right tax professional for you. 

Adam discusses: 

  • The 8 steps you should take to find a great CPA
  • Why it’s difficult to find a great CPA 
  • Why price shouldn’t be your first priority. 
  • How to judge their technical expertise
  • What credentials to look for in a good CPA
  • Why you should know which of the 4 different levels of philosophy your CPA falls under
  • The importance of asking your CPA about their contingency plan
  • And more


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