Making Work Optional with WellAcre Wealth Management, LLC (Ep. 2)

Making Work Optional with WellAcre Wealth Management, LLC (Ep. 2)

What is it like to work with WellAcre Wealth Management, LLC, and how do they make work optional?

In this episode, Adam Scott, CFP®, describes the Red Carpet Experience of working with WellAcre Wealth Management. Adam covers the significance of being a fee-only financial planner and the importance of their patented Lunar Landing Wealth Management Formula™.  Adam goes over what someone can expect when they call the office to arrange a meeting with him and describes the Lunar Landing Formula, designed to make work optional. This includes a description of four of the main pillars of Advanced Financial Planning.

Adam discusses: 

  • A recap of what it means to be a fee-only financial planner from the previous episode
  • What to expect when you phone WellAcre Wealth Management and set up a Visions and Values meeting with Adam
  • WellAcre’s formula for smooth-sailing financial management 
  • The four main pillars of advanced planning
  • And more


Connect with Adam Scott: 

Phone: 310-220-4946

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