2023 Market Wrap-Up and 2024 Projections (Ep. 19)

2023 Market Wrap-Up and 2024 Projections (Ep. 19)

2023’s market forecasts were dark, but the markets kept out of the shadows. Let’s take a look at what we think 2024 may look like.

This week on Red Carpet Retirement, Adam Scott reflects on 2023’s financial market outlook. Looking forward into 2024, he talks about the potential impact of the Federal Reserve’s policies, inflation, and interest rates, as well as how the upcoming presidential election might influence market dynamics. Adam also touches on the recent performance of stocks and bonds, corporate earnings, and provides an economic forecast for 2024.

Adam discusses: 

  • What happened with the financial markets in 2023 and why
  • Where the markets are now
  • What we’d like to see happen in 2024
  • And more

Connect with Adam Scott: 

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